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Ordering FAQ

1, How can I order?

    Tell us which one you need, quantity, design, requirement, then we send you PI for confirmation,production will be arranged when we receive your payment, shipment can be arranged by our side as well.


2. What am I ordering?

    Innice products are polyester resin,river stone,acrylic sheet sold primarily in 4'x8' and 4'x10' sheets. We can cut and finish edges on site prior to delivery as well as providing additional fabrication including; bending, joining and etching. In addition to polymers and glass, InniceDesigns can provide total solutions with our comprehensive assortment of hardware systems.

3. What is the lead time?

     The average manufacturing lead time is 2 weeks for standard products and 4 weeks for specialty products. Fabrication can add another 2 weeks to the lead time depending on the scope of the project and the level of complexity. 

4. What are standard products?

      Standard products are mainly for the standard size panels, or any simple shaped products, or any products need easy fabication, cutting , joining,eadge-chamfering.etc

      Custom products are made for a specific application , Innice has unique capabilities to make it possible to build such product. Lead times on custom products vary from project to project. Please contact us for more information.

5. Where can I find the most up-to-date  information?

      Most of the technical information, including product specifications, is located on our website- or you can contact us via Email.

6. How do I know what to order?

    Tell us your requirement, we will do the rest of the job.

7. What if my project is complex or requires detailed drawings not included by the specifier?

    Our engineers are available for mid to large sized projects upon request. 

Product's FAQ



1;  What is the material of this series? 

    Polyester resin with natural pebbles inside

 2; Is the inside pebbles real?

   Yes, the pebbles are finely selected from nature. All are real and natural.

3; Is the panel very heavy?

    Yes, as the panel is with real pebbles inside, 1 SQM, 18mm thick weights about 50kgs

4;  What is the normal size of panel?

    Standard size 1200mm*600mm, 1000mm*2000mm, max siz 1220mm*2440mm, if go for the max size thickness has to be at least 18mm,customized size available, thickness 8-30mm available

5;  Is it scratch-resistant?

    Yes, the panel is process with scratch-resistant coating on the surface

6;  How much heat can the panel stand?

    The panel can stand the heat up to 80 degree, Celsius

7;  What is the application ?

    Table top, solid surface, bar top, stair, floor, etc

8;  How can I cut the panel?

    The panel can be cut by stone-cutting saw

9   Can this panel be joined, rounded?

    Yes, can be joined by resin glue. The panel only be bended in the factory


1;  What is the material of translucent alabaster stone

   Unsaturated polyester resin material with ATH inside. Casted by mold

2; Is it fire resistant? What is the grade

   Artificial alabaster do not support fire burning, the fire grade it B1

 3; What is the standard size of the panel? thickness? Can I customize the size the thickness? 

   The standard size is 1220mm*2440mm, max size is 1250mm*3500mm, thickness available 6-30mm, customized size under the max size available

6;Is it bendable?

  Yes, the panel can be bended, we can doing the bending for you, the product can be made into column, lighting fitting, or other special shape.

7; How can I process the panel? like cutting ,etc

   The product can be processed at the scene, woodworking saw, stone-cutting saw can do the cutting.

8; Can the panel be joined? 

  The panel can be joined by resin glue, or the glue for artificial stone.

9;Is the panel very heavy? 

   The panel is lighter than the real marble, the density is about 1.4 to1.7 kg/sqm for 1mm thickness

10; Can it be outdoor use?

    Yes, the panel can be for both indoor and outdoor use

11; Where can I use this product?

    Application, bar top, table top, solid surface, lighting-through column, ceiling decoration, ect

12; Is it environmental-friendly? 

    Yes, and it is a green decoration material

13; Can I custom the color and design

    Yes, but we may need your sample for sampling